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Vulture Kite

Vulture Gen3

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Vulture Gen3


Vulture Gen3 has been completely redesigned, utilizing unique aerospace design techniques combined with the involvement and input from over 500 development riders world-wide.

The result, our most efficient platform, that outperforms within multiple riding disciplines and provides in extreme lift and exciting kiteloop performance.


Our data driven design method enabled us to analyze & optimize over 300 wingtip variations, over 200 arch-designs and countless air-foil profiles.

Resulting in a fast steering kite that provides extreme lift and exciting kiteloop performance.


Outperform in Freeride

The new Vulture is developed for performance freeride and big air.

The kite provides linear power and keeps you riding comfortably in a huge wind range.

Break Big Air records Vulture Gen3 provides exciting lift and hangtime.

Lighter steering and increased response allows you to perfectly time all your take offs.

Break your big air records with ease.


Elevate your Kiteloops

The new arch design and integrated Aileron-X struts result in a responsive kite with a smaller turning radius.

Kiteloop big with a guaranteed safe catch.


Accelerate in Foiling

The Vulture generates plenty of power in lighter winds.

Its low drag profile allows you to ride upwind and fast easily.

The controllable lift enables you to improve your tacks and gibes.



  • Aileron X Strut
  • Hybrid 3-Strut Platform
  • Optimized LE Segmentation
  • Dynamic Open-Arch Design
  • Premium Construction & materials
  • High-Flow One Pump System
  • High-Flow Valve
  • Integrated Load Frame
  • Laser cut Teijin X3 Canopy
  • Dual-layered Trailing Edge
  • X3 Seam Reinforced Leading Edge