Inertia Gen2 Kiteboard
Inertia Gen2
Inertia Gen2

Inertia Gen2

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Introducing the 2nd generation of our high performance freeride and big-air boards.

The Vantage Inertia Gen2 is the result of our in-depth & data driven design study.

The computational design method and applied fluid dynamics resulted in a new board design with plenty of grip, speed and great riding comfort.


The Inertia Gen2 is designed to ride fast, cruise comfortably and fly high.



  • High Upwind Drive outline
  • Single concave bottom
  • Medium Rocker
  • Contra Flex Tips
  • CFD Optimized Channels
  • Bomb-proof construction
  • Sandwich construction
  • Paulownia Wood Core
  • Durable ABS rail