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Whilst the industry dove into this new sport head first, we’ve been investing in defining the requirements needed to make Batwing outperform.

After three years of development and performance validation we are sure Batwing will fulfill all your performance needs.

The Batwing has been designed to cover multiple riding disciplines.

It benefits from rigid hard handles and a performance orientated profile choice.

Its dihedral shape ensure stability while the high canopy tension ensures a powerful, lag free and direct riding experience.


Evolve your Freeride

The Batwing is perfectly balanced and stable for a comfortable freeride session while retaining a stiff profile for high efficiency.


Prone and drift the waves

The dihedral V-shape of the Batwing assures great drift and high maneuverability so you can focus on riding the waves.


Fly in freestyle

The Batwings flat profile has been designed to provide great lift and minimal drag so you ride fast and fly high!


Overtake with speed

The Batwings profile has been designed to maximize acceleration so you can benefit from a fast forward and great upwind drive.


1000+ hours of aerodynamics Countless design variables have been studied through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.

The result: a highly balanced, fast accelerating wing with optimized drift and great jump ability.



  • Rigid & direct control handles
  • Highly pre-loaded canopy tension
  • Optimized airframe rigidness
  • Ultimate dihedral stability
  • Fast Forward Profile
  • Maximum endurance Canopy Design
  • Dual-layered Trailing Edge
  • 2x High-Flow One Pump
  • High-Flow Valve
  • Triple Ripstop X3 Canopy
  • X3 Seam Reinforced Leading Edge