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Valcon Kite

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New in the Vantage 2023 line up, the incredibly versatile Valcon.

The Valcon has been designed for riders demanding performance within all riding disciplines.


Our data driven design method enabled us to analyze and optimize over 270 wingtip designs, over 130 arch designs and countless airfoil profiles.

Resulting in a kite that delivers cross discipline performance and lets you progress with ease.


Progress your Freeride

All round performance defines the Valcon.

Its huge wind range and upwind drive will make your sessions comfortable.


Smash the waves

The Valcons wingtip has been designed for a great response, even when depowered.

It is easy to dump power and steer the kite at the same time.


Foil to the moon

Stability and maneuverability makes the Valcon your ideal foil companion.


Throw it at Freestyle

The Valcons pulleyless bridle and direct feel will get you progressing in the freestyle discipline with ease.



  • Progressive design
  • Reactive Tip Design
  • Progressive Arc
  • Hybrid 3-Strut Platform
  • Squared Swept Outline
  • Progressive Arch Geometry
  • PremiumConstruction & materials
  • High-Flow One Pump System
  • High-Flow Valve
  • Integrated Load Frame
  • Laser cut Techfiber X3 Canopy
  • Dual-layered Trailing Edge
  • X3 Seam Reinforced Leading Edge